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15 Most Beautiful Clarinet Designs - Clarinet U Article

Here are the 15 most beautiful clarinet designs selected by Clarinet U editor:

1) Backun CG Clarinet


The world’s most technologically advanced clarinet, the CG Carbon features a body crafted from carbon fibre with an exotic wood core. Using a patented process, carbon fibre is fused to the precision machined core, resulting in a clarinet with the robust projection and unmatched intonation that Backun is known for. Years of material analysis and real-world testing have proven the fusion process can endure wide-ranging temperatures and humidity conditions without expansion or contraction of the clarinet body. Tonally, the playing characteristics stay true to that of a wooden clarinet with the new Backun Scale. This signature model, designed for Maestro Corrado Giuffredi, represents a giant leap into the future… and beyond.


- Automatic Low F Vent Mechanism ensures impeccable intonation and performance every time.

- Inline Trill Keys improve key action and help move tone holes out of the water line.

- Carbon fibre rings and tenons offer increased durability and performance.


2) Husnu Klarnet Red-Diamond


3) Ahmet Özdemir White Klarnet


4) Dogan Ugras Black Clarinet


5) RZ Woodwind Solo


The RZ Solo Clarinets is not only the new RZ-high-end-model featuring beautiful design with silverplated keys and goldplated pillars and fine engravings, but also the first clarinet with a special 'no-crack'-mechanism (RZ-patent). The sound of each Solo-clarinet appears full, colorful and 'dolce', bearing resemblance to the so called 'individual soloist expression', providing easy and comfortable playing throughout the registers.


- Grenadilla wood, unstained finish

- 2 replaceable pieces for upper joint based on RZ-patent 'no-crack' included (1 grenadilla, 1 ebonite)

- Leather pads, adjustable thumb rest

- Silver plated keys with gold plated pillars

- Optionally completely gold plated keywork

- Attachment of the flaps between the posts on a concurrent axis

- Adjusting screws on different keys Carbon rings

- 2 barrels, RZ case, RZ cleaning set


6) Kobo Josef MK11A