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Shoes manufacturers tried to solve issues related to "sweat" from feet over the years, yet did not succeed in overcoming the limit of functionality and endurance. However, the creation of "safety shoes with less sweat" made with the patented air flow mechanism can help workers keep their health "feet," the second heart. NEWEST safety footwear manufacturer are made of a rubber outsole and a polyurethane midsole, specifically designed for the in-sole as well as the upper. The structure at the core that produces less sweat is comprised of two air vents, as well as an air passage located in the midsole. The two vents in the midsole draw the air outside to the inside of the midsole. The air flows through the air passage before getting to the foot via the insole with holes. The humid and hot air inside the shoes is vented outside through the air passage with the help by the pressure exerted by pushing the ground when walking. Thanks to the air flow mechanism, the sweat from feet is flowing out of the shoes when working so that employees can keep their feet dry and fit. The importance of safety footwear The importance of wearing safety shoes in the workplace has many reasons. The wearing of safety shoes in the workplace is vital, did you consider about the 25% disability-related claims around the world are due to injuries to feet? In the UK over 100.000 accidents on the job are reported each year, which costs companies a lot of cash. The costs, as well as the frustrations faced by workers, are not limited to UK. Indeed, many countries across the globe are implementing stricter regulations and higher standards in terms of work safety so that they can ensure security at work. In Canada, for instance, the incidence of foot injuries dropped by 60% since the use of safety shoes at work became mandatory. Safety shoes in the workplace provide protection

As more and more countries adopt the mandatory safety shoes standard, they are embracing the mandatory safety footwear standards, in order to guarantee protection on the job, and consequently, to increase how important it is to use safety shoes at work. Boots and shoes with protection toe caps, for example are made to guard the upper portion of the feet. There are shoes with anti-vibration insoles and ankle protections that offer additional support. Furthermore they are also puncture- and slip-resistant footwear are available on the market too. With a variety of safety shoes and boots available for sale there's no reason to not protect your feet, regardless of the work environment. In a work environment where health and safety are effectively controlled is the first priority for all employees. It could be a factory, an office, a building site, or anywhere else in between, safety and health must not be treated lightly. To ensure complete safety when performing your work, you should always wear the proper safety . Safety shoes are essential to guard your feet during work Safety footwear is as essential to men and women, and wearing them can ensure that the worker is protected, as per guidelines and regulations. Anyone who works with heavy machinery, hazardous items and chemicals must wear safety shoes, to make sure no accidents happen. These shoes are made to protect against electro-hazards, slips or chemical spills. They come with shoes that are slip-resistant, as well as materials that safeguard the feet from falling objects, and metallic and non-metallic safety materials, to provide continuous protection of the feet.

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