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If you're looking for an investment that lasts for many years consider the golf cart. A golf cart can be a good investment, however they're not without their limitations. They're limited in distance and capacity for charging, and they don't always have a battery. This is where a 36V Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack comes in! The battery is perfect for golf carts and gives you more time to run and a higher charging capacity. The battery is perfect for golfers who play for long periods of time or who wish to get a little more out of their battery.

What is a 36V battery pack?

An 36V battery is pack that has 36 Volts of power. It can be utilized in electric vehicles electric scooters, electric cars, as well as electric bikes. A 36V battery pack could also be used to drive a golf cart that is 36V. It is vital to know that some golf carts do not have 36V. Certain golf carts are powered by batteries that are 24V.

What does the battery packs of 36V do?

The 36V battery pack is great for golf carts as well as other heavy-duty applications. It has 36 volts of power , and is able to handle 300AH. This battery pack is ideal for those who require more power and longer run times. Its maximum discharge speed of just 36 amps


How do you install the battery pack?

If you're looking to install the 36V Golf Cart battery pack it's essential to be aware of the correct procedure to do it. Installing the battery pack is a few steps that must be followed in order for it to be installed correctly. First, you will need to remove the old battery pack from your vehicle. The next step is to remove the floor boards as well as the tray for the battery. In the next step, you'll need to remove the bolts that were previously installed from the battery tray. Then, you'll need to install the new bolts that came from the batteries. Lastly, you will need be able to link the wires of the battery pack and your vehicle. visit the website to find out more.


36V Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack 36V Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack

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