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Essential tools for SEO optimization and promotion

Even the most experienced craftsman will not make repairs without screwdrivers, a jigsaw, a roller, etc. The same applies to the webmaster | seo-specialist: the ability to competently wield software tools determines the value of a specialist and the result of his work. Do you want to quickly and confidently display sites on the first pages of search engines using SEO? Here are the “jigsaws” and “rollers” that you will definitely need:

Google Analytics

What we track:

  • Percentage of organic content in total traffic.

  • Percentage dynamics of organic traffic.

  • Parameters of page visits from the organic channel: average time on the page, browsing depth, number of unique users, bounce rate.

  • Demographics and geography of organic traffic.

  • In the case of merging with Google Search Console - key phrases.

  • Organic sources.

  • Login pages.

One of the "pillars" of web analytics developed by Google. With the help of Google Analytics, the SEO specialist, like a pilot, monitors the indicators of the “dashboard” in real time. With the help of the service, traffic channels are monitored, and, most importantly, user behavior on the site is analyzed.

Google Search Console Tools

What allows you to know:

  • for which search queries traffic is higher and which of them will help to bypass competitors in search results;

  • which sites link to the promoted website;

  • whether advanced search results contain information about products, contacts, bonuses, etc.;

  • effectiveness of resource promotion for mobile search.

A free web service that allows SEOs to track indexing status and optimize the visibility of web resources. With the help of the service, the webmaster opens access to the resource for search bots, finds and filters out malicious software, optimizes CL and HTML tags, works with pages from the index, etc.


Mobile-friendly is an assessment of the convenience of viewing a site on mobile devices. Criteria for evaluation:

  • location of interactive elements in relation to each other;

  • setting the viewing area;

  • adaptation to different, even non-standard screen resolutions mob. devices;

  • match the content width of the viewport;

  • adaptation of the font size;

  • whether the main content is hidden behind pop-up windows.

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test service automatically checks your resource for “friendliness”. He describes in detail where and by what criteria inconsistencies were found, helping to draw up a plan for improvements. Compliance with ALL requirements allows you to strengthen the position of the site in the issuance of Google.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

What is he doing:

  • measures site loading speed;

  • gives recommendations for improving this indicator.

A free web tool that analyzes site loading parameters (first render content, speed index, time to full load, etc.), rates the site on a 100-point scale and makes recommendations on how to improve this rating.

Yandex Webmaster

What can:

  • adds a resource for indexing;

  • detects search sanctions and security issues;

  • analyzes the visibility history of the resource by queries and click-through rates;

  • collects statistics and allows you to manage the indexing of the site;

  • collects link analytics;

  • contains tools for setting regionality and adjusting snippets, etc.

A key webmaster tool popular in the CIS countries. Designed to receive and analyze detailed information about the resource, positions in the issue, statistics on the indexing status of any page. Through the service, you can invite the search bot to crawl certain pages, which will speed up their indexing.

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