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The coffee maker is the sun that your kitchen orbits: The day waxes as the first cups brew in the morning. It fades when the final pot of decaf is made. That's why buying a new machine is a large decision. It can feel like that the entire house's happiness hangs in the balance. Here are some things to consider before making it. Take a look at the long-term costs. purchasing a coffee maker not an investment that you can make once. If you decide to purchase one-serving coffee makers machine, such as a Nespresso or Keurig you'll be investing money in the purchase of pods and capsules, which will cost anything from $5 to $7 a package. If you buy a drip machine it will require new filters, grounds, or beans (plus perhaps a grinder for beans). Consider the various options and think about what is most beneficial the best for your requirements -- and your budget. Verify the temperature of the brewing.

The ideal brewing temperature for coffee pots is 196degF to 205degF which means if you're into (good-tasting) coffee then you'll need to make sure you buy the machine that can brew at high heat. Hint: Most top-of-the-line machines will include their brewing temperatures on the box or on the internet. If the information isn't there this could be a warning to steer clear. Make a list of how much you drink. If you're only using an entire cup of coffee per day then a single-serving machine is a good choice for you. If you'd rather an IV of java to keep you going all day long then you'll want the largest cup available. Look for machines that can hold at least 12 cups. Think about the features that are unique. Do you struggle to make it to the ground without drinking a cup coffee? You'll require an automatic start machine that you can program the night prior to. Completely frazzled as you rush to get out of the house? Choose a system that will automatically shut off, so you don't have to think about a single thing as you rush to get back to work. Imagine how simple it is to get access and clean. If you are required to open the lid to order to pour in the coffee, and that lid is smacking against the bottom in your cabinet's upper shelves prior to when it can be opened fully, that might not be a good idea. Make sure that the item fits in your home -- as well as your life. For instance, if you're looking at the machine with a cup that requires hand washing and you're just not sure you have that time kind of time every day Perhaps you should consider moving to something that is able to go into the dishwasher. Determine the kind of carafe you would like to purchase. There's more than just an aesthetic difference between glass or stainless steel thermal carafe. Glass containers let you see the coffee being brewed and are also open to the air, allowing the scent of fresh coffee to fill your kitchen. If the practice of making coffee is part of what you enjoy, the smell may be something you cannot ignore. Glass pots keep warm for around 20 minutes; the stainless, thermal pot however, will keep warm for up to an hour. When you're done with it, it must be cleaned by hand The glass pot can be placed in the dishwasher (see the previous paragraph! ). Compare your shopping choices. You don't want to make use of a coffee maker that you dislike It's best to purchase it from a retailer that will allow you to modify your decision if you are not happy with the model you chose. Macy's is renowned for its excellent returns policy -- it's possible to return any item in good working order within 30 days -- so hang in there in case you're not convinced you love the coffee maker you have. o

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