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Rosewood Clarinet Bell | Limited art piece | 24k Gold paint | Art + Music | The clarinet bell for Her |

Encore Clarinet celebrating the empowerment of female musicians by launching our newest Clarinet product - "Bella Rose" Rosewood Clarinet Bell.

- Premium African Rosewood, hand selected by the clarinetists.

- 24K gold foil painted upper ring, hand painted by our artist.

- Fullest sound with rich in harmonics. “Bella Rose” makes the lower range of the clarinet sound louder and fuller with more resonance.

- Precise intonation with special timber. 

- Limited, we believe our products choose their clarinetist. Their beautiful artwork make them alive with vibrant sound and storytelling voice.

- Design to connect Art and Music with passion. Highest quality in craftsmanship and sound. Decorated with artistic vision.

- Reasonable price, our products are specially cared and produced. We also want to offer all clarinetist a reasonable price for all our products. 

“Bella Rose” was inspired by French singer Édith Piaf’s song “La Vie En Rose”. Influenced by the romance and the union between lovers. 
The inseparable connect between two person, words can’t describe how much we love each other.

“When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom”

The bell is specially designed with a slight curved body represent the female figure. And a cutting edge represent the thorn and the blooming rose. The wood is specially selected with the right density and beautiful wood grain.
The upper bell also feature a 24k gold foil painted ring. To elevate the bell from a clarinet accessory to a piece of art. 

About Encore Clarinet
We believe Clarinet is the most beautiful instruments in the world. We are a team of clarinet lovers and artists, with our clarinet accessory production line and perfectionists musicians, designers, and engineers. Our sole purpose is to find a connection between Music and Arts, and apply to our instruments.

Encore Clarinet "Bella Rose" Clarinet Bell

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